I Quit My Job

September 1, 2016


Today is the first day of September, and you all know what that means…first unofficial day of fall!!!! Oh man I could not be more excited to flip the calendar page, and today is the coolest it’s been in southeastern Wisconsin for quite some time. 66 and cloudy and most importantly, no humidity. So it’s actually chilly and I’m in heaven. In fact, as I’m writing this I’m sitting with a blanket on. My sister flies in a week from tomorrow and I can’t wait to take her apple picking, on fall nature walks and out for pumpkin spice lattes, during the three weeks she’ll be here. I’m just hoping the weather starts to stay this way and doesn’t spike back into the eighties.

As you may have guessed from the title, yes I quit my job. If you guys had read my post a few weeks ago where I was contemplating quitting, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. Well, maybe you’re surprised that I actually went through with it. And in all honesty, I’m surprised too. Most of the time, I like to talk the talk, but don’t actually end up walking the walk. Why? I’m not too sure, though I think it’s mainly because I get scared of the unknown and scared of the change. Anyway, I quit my job this past Sunday night technically. I’ll be honest, I actually called and left a message. Does that make me a complete a**hole? Probably, yeah. I felt bad doing it the way I did, really I did, but it secretly made me happy because it was what I wanted, and seemed like the best way for me. I just couldn’t picture putting in a 2 week notice on Monday and spending another two weeks there, all the while having to explain myself a million times to everyone coming to ask me about what’s going on.  I knew that not giving a notice might affect my relationship with the company and affect my ability to use them as a reference in the future. Trust me, I researched about it and thought about to the point where I couldn’t sleep at night. I surprised myself by doing it because I always do things by the book and this time I didn’t. It really was the best time to do what I did though because I don’t have my own place, a family, any previous loans or debt to pay, and my car is fully paid for. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have had a choice.

So now here I am, jobless for almost a week. And for the first time maybe ever, I don’t have a plan B. I don’t have another job lined up and I haven’t really been looking. I think what I need right now is a little time to figure things out and think about what direction I’m going to take next. Right now, I’m pouring all of my energy into blogging. It surprises me how much I love doing it and I’m hoping that I can turn it into something self-sustaining. Even though I’ve really just started, I’m excited to see where it will take me. I also plan to work really hard on losing weight and getting healthy, especially now that I don’t have any excuse not to!

I want everyone out there to know that if you’re unhappy in your job or any situation, there’s always a way out, you just need to find it. I hope my experience can help someone out there who is struggling with something similar. Be brave and take a chance, you never know what amazing things could come of it. Sometimes you don’t need a plan. Sometimes you just need to let go, take a breath and have faith.

Miranda ♥

  1. I’m so incredibly proud of you for standing up for yourself and your happiness! I can’t express that enough. 🙂 You go girl! You are in control of your life.

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