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Un-boxing Shower Flowers

September 10, 2016












On Wednesday morning, the flowers I ordered on Sam’s Club online were delivered! I ended up going with 30 stems of white hydrangeas, 8 bunches of greenery, and 8 bunches of filler flowers. The bride to be loves hydrangeas so I wanted that to be the main flower of the party. The greenery and other flowers were just meant to act as fillers. The prices for each item were actually pretty reasonable and all of the flowers turned out beautifully, so I definitely would order through them again in the future.

Each type of flower came sealed in these long cardboard boxes. The instructions that come in the boxes say that it’s super important to trim the ends of the stems and get the flowers in cool water immediately. The flowers dry out during the shipping process, so getting them in the water as soon as possible allows them to “drink” and fill back out. Honestly, I was super impressed with everything as I was taking it out of the boxes. They looked exactly as the pictures showed on the website, and didn’t look as dried out as I was expecting they would. I ended up distributing everything between a few buckets we had in the garage and stored the buckets downstairs so they were out of direct sunlight. The hydrangeas ended up opening beautifully and looked amazing by the time I arranged them into the vases for the shower today, and I couldn’t have been happier with them. In fact, I got tons of compliments on them, and everyone seemed really impressed that we sprung for real flowers. So funny! I’m really glad I did, it added a special touch to the decor and made it all look more professional.

I will be sharing pictures from the shower soon!

Miranda ♥

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