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Wine & Chocolate

October 1, 2016










After the rehearsal dinner on Thursday night, the bridesmaids made their way over to this adorable little wine and dessert bar called Ethereal Confections in Woodstock, Illinois. The bar was nestled in a beautiful cobblestone square, right across from the park-like square center. I seriously felt like I was back in Italy, it was all so pretty especially at night with the streetlights. Such a cozy, romantic little area. The front of the bar was set up like a little cafe, with a chocolate and truffle display and a seating area with couches and chairs. As we made our way to the back, we came to the bar which had the coziest feel with the dim lighting and string lights. Seriously so cute.

Most of the girls ended up getting a wine flight, which was great because you got to pick 3 different wines which each came with carefully selected chocolates. I honestly don’t remember which 3 I chose, though I do remember one of them being the zinfandel. The bartender told us that you are supposed to first take a drink of the wine (to get a taste), then take a bite of the corresponding chocolate before taking another sip of the wine and drinking the wine through the chocolate. Apparently it was the best way to appreciate the wine and chocolate pairings. I didn’t care for the dark wine at all, it was really bitter and had a bit of a bite to it as I swallowed, but the other two were good. The white was my favorite, fairly sweet and crisp. The truffles were delicious, and really what woman can say no to chocolate?

Though I’m not much of a wine fan, I loved the experience. I thought the idea was so cute and the bar itself was so beautiful, like straight out of a magazine. And I’m not gonna lie, I felt super classy and girly the whole time. We went to get fancy and fancy we got. Definitely the perfect outing for a group of bridesmaids or girlfriends! Be sure to check back – I will be sharing pictures from the wedding soon!

Happy Saturday loves, xoxo

Miranda ♥


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