“The Bachelor” In My Backyard!

October 7, 2016







Bachelor alert!!!! As all of you Bachelor/Bachelorette fans out there know by now, Nick Viall is the next Bachelor, and they have been shooting for over a month now…some of which in my hometown! Nick grew up in my hometown, Waukesha WI, and his parents live 5 minutes away from me. I don’t know him or his family or anything, I just know of them and know they live over by a high school 5 minutes from my house, although I believe Nick lives in Chicago now.

Anywho, when I heard that Nick was announced as the next Bachelor I have to say I was disappointed, thought not really surprised. I figured they’d throw him in there again to give him another shot at finding “love”.  I was really rooting for that smooth as honey country boy Luke, or maybe even Chase. But when it comes down to ratings, I’m sure Nick as Bachelor will bump those numbers way up. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of the show and have been watching religiously since Desi’s season, but am just not a huge Nick fan (at least not yet). But when I heard that the show was doing some filming in downtown Waukesha in early September and again just a few days ago, needless to say I was super excited!

Apparently Nick’s intro video was shot in downtown Waukesha at a popular coffee shop, the Steaming Cup, Discount Liquor, and the Fox River riverwalk. It was even rumored that he made a visit to his old high school, Waukesha North during that visit, though I don’t know if any filming was done there. Last night, they were filming a one-on-one at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee at a Chris Lane performance and apparently during the day there was a group of women hanging around in downtown Waukesha which people are guessing are the Bachelor ladies. I love Waukesha, but there isn’t a whole ton to do. At least, nothing super exciting so I’m curious to know what kind of group date they could’ve come up with. Nick was also being filmed sitting in a booth at the Steaming Cup talking with his parents, so I’m wondering if they are getting close to the end of filming?

So exciting you guys! The Bachelor is in my backyard and I can’t wait for January to start watching, scoffing at the drama, and yelling at the TV for who got sent home and who should’ve…you know the usual cycle. Maybe none of it’s quote on quote “real”, but it sure is entertaining. Every season I say I’m not going to watch, and every season I continue to get sucked in. Absolutely love it! Is it January yet?

Happy Friday lovelies!

Miranda ♥

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