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5 Tips to Help Combat Dry Skin

October 10, 2016


As we all know, fall & winter are the most wonderful and magical times of the year, but with that cold dry air comes trouble for our skin. Today I wanted to share a few tips for fighting those dry skin culprits and keeping your skin soft and healthy during these upcoming winter months.

  1. Skip the hot showers – Now I get it, this is HARD. There is nothing I love more after a day out in the cold than a nice, long, steamy shower. Unfortunately though, hot water breaks down the protective lipids in the top layer of our skin, causing it to become dry and irritated. Instead, try taking shorter lukewarm showers and wrapping up in some cozy pajamas afterwards to warm up.
  2. Don’t forget the lotion – Make sure to use a moisturizing lotion on your legs, arms, hands, and elbows after every shower or bath, preferably while your skin is still slightly wet. The lotion will help seal in the moisture from the water. Try putting some lotion on your hands after each washing as well, especially if you are washing your hands lots each day. When I worked in the daycare, I had to wash my hands easily 50 times a day and my hands suffered for it. So I brought in a few of my favorite scented lotions to keep at work, and tried to put some on after every hand washing. I love the body creams from Bath & Body Works, the lotion is so thick and creamy and makes my skin so soft. Plus they all smell amazing!
  3. Drink lots of water – Staying hydrated helps support our body on the inside and the healthier we are on the inside, the healthier we look on the outside. Our skin needs water to remain soft and healthy, so make sure to get a lot of it each day. If you don’t care for plain water, try spicing things up and using drink powders or liquids to flavor your drink! I love packets like Crystal Light – there are so many different flavors and they come in individual packets so all you have to do is pour it into your water bottle and shake. Plus there’s only like 5 calories in them, so you can stay on track with eating well.
  4. Get a humidifier – Cold weather usually means low humidity. Without moisture in the air, our skin is more prone to dryness. Try running a small humidifier in your bedroom at night, not only will this help your skin feel and look better, but it’s also great for helping with colds.
  5.  Choose gentle skin products – Cold weather dries out our skin and makes it more vulnerable to chapping and irritation. Switch out your products for the season and make sure to stay away from ones that are alcohol or gel-based as these can dry out our skin. Look for a facial cleanser specifically formulated to clean without stripping away your skin’s natural oils and make sure your body wash is a moisturizing one. I know Dove can be expensive, but stores like Target and Wal-Mart sell an off-brand version for cheaper, and it is worth the money. In the winter, I like to use the Wal-Mart brand (Equate) of Dove’s Deep Moisturizing body wash.

And there you have it! There’s no faster way to ruin fall & winter fun if your skin is dry, itchy, or chapped. Love your skin and it will love you back. What are some things you like to do to help keep your skin soft and healthy in cold weather?

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!

Miranda ♥

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