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Disney Series Part Two | Picking a Hotel

January 31, 2017

You may not think that picking a hotel is going to the most important part of planning your Disney vacation. And you’d be right. It’s definitely not the most important, but it is a big piece of the puzzle. After all, where are you going to be rebooting those engines after walking your booty all over a Disney park?! See what I’m getting at?

Now let’s be real. Choosing a hotel at Disney usually comes down to how much of that green stuff you have sitting in that wallet. Okay yes, I know this holds true for literally any trip to any destination, but even more so at Disney because you need your money to go in numerous other directions. Most times you just need travel expenses, hotel, and food. At Disney, you need all of that PLUS park tickets (which add quite a bit to the overall budget). Obviously, if money isn’t a concern you can go ahead and pick one of the nicest resorts. However, if you need to be careful with your spending or just simply don’t have a lot of wiggle room, you’ll need to end up at a value resort.

When I planned my trip to Disney, I needed to go with the cheapest option because I just didn’t have a lot of extra money to throw at a deluxe resort. If I could’ve I would’ve, but our resort (All-Star Music) ended up being wonderful for what we needed. Most of your time will be spent having a blast out in a park anyhow, so don’t stress too much if you can’t afford one of the nicer resorts! Seriously, 95% of the time you really will only be showering and sleeping at your hotel. And truthfully, they all look wonderful in their own way!

All of the resorts in Disney World have things that are similar across the board, and things that are different. Basically, as the price increases so does the amount of amenities available to guests. At Disney, there are three different classes of resorts. At the bottom, you have the Value Resorts. As you move up, you go into the Moderate Resorts and once you get to the cherry on top, you’ve hit the Deluxe Resorts. Disney’s website lays this all out very well, so don’t worry about getting confused about telling the difference. As you may have guessed, Deluxe resorts are the cream of the crop. Bigger guest rooms, more amenities, wider array of restaurant options, monorail access, and top of the line design, decor and architecture (and a heftier price tag). However, all of the resorts have multiple outdoor pools, indoor food courts/restaurants, gift shops, access to park shuttles, and incredible Disney theming. Seriously, Disney knocks it out of the park when it comes to decorating and setting the scene for their parks and resorts. Everything blew me away. So again, I honestly don’t think you can go wrong with any resort.

Here are a few more things to consider about Disney resorts –

  • While all of the resorts are kid-friendly, some cater more to adult clientele and others much more towards younger guests. For example, a favorite of families with young kids is the Art of Animation. Hands down the most “Disney feeling” resort of them all. Bright colors, favorite Disney characters, and fun guest rooms. On the other hand, adult couples really seem to enjoy Coronado Springs. More spread out, mature theming and decor, and romantic sit-down restaurants.
  • The resorts are spread out all throughout Disney World. Therefore, you’ll need to consider where in Disney World you want your resort to be/which park you may want to be closest to. Again, the Disney website does a great job of laying out the location of each resort very clearly. It didn’t really matter so much to me, but I have to say that it would’ve been awesome to stay within view of Magic Kingdom!
  • The time of year you go will affect the price tags of the resorts. When crowds are bigger, prices soar. When crowds clear out, prices go down. Summer vacation, spring break and Christmas break = $$$$. Get the picture? If you have some flexibility in when you can go, keep this in mind.

Hopefully this helps you in finding the most magically perfect resort for your trip!

Miranda ♥

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