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9 Blue & White Pieces Under $50

February 23, 2017

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The unseasonably warm weather here in Wisconsin lately is bringing spring to mind. If there is one color combination that screams spring, it’s blue and white! These colors together just make me think of warm weather and cool breezes, blooming gardens, and bright blue skies.  Not only do they work for any time of year, but they are just so pretty and feminine and pair so well with neutrals! I’ve been seeing this trend all over the place, and have been especially loving the pale and baby blues. You really can’t go wrong with anything blue & white, but I wanted to share some pieces I’ve been especially crushing on lately. As an added bonus, each of these pieces are under $50! Tell me that doesn’t make your heart skip a beat. I for one, love when things are cute AND affordable!

Which product is your fave?

Miranda ♥

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