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5 Ways to Get Excited for Spring

March 6, 2017

Over the past few weeks, we’ve gotten a few lovely glimpses of spring. Warmer temps, budding flowers and sunny skies. We’ve even been able to open up the windows a time or two. It definitely comes and goes, but I think it’s safe to say we’re ready for spring to stick around!

There are parts of every season that I love, but spring has always been my absolute favorite! I love that temperatures are warmer than frigid, but cool enough that you don’t get sweaty. I love when the earth begins to get green again and flowers start growing. I love the cool breezes, warm and gentle sunshine, birds tweeting, blue skies…the list goes on and on. It’s great to be able to get outside without a winter coat and enjoy the fresh air.

Today I thought I’d share 5 things I like to do to get myself in the mood for spring!

1.Spring Cleaning!

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I know it’s not always everyone’s favorite thing to do, but giving your home a good scrubbing can do wonders to lift your mood after those gloomy winter months. Do some dusting, clear out the clutter, clean the windows, vacuum. Whatever your cleaning routine is, pick a morning or afternoon and amp it up a bit. A fresh, clean and organized space will help you feel energized and productive!

2. Get Your Home Smelling Like Spring

I love using my Bath & Body Works candles and scented oil plugins to get everything smelling amazing, but use whatever you like! Candles, room sprays, scented oil plugins, etc. Make sure to pick floral, fresh and clean scents that scream spring! I especially love cotton & linen, lilac, and gardenia scents.

3. Open Up the Windows

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There’s no better way to make your home feel like spring than being able to open up your windows after months of being shut in from the cold. Let the fresh air and sunshine in!

4. Get Outside & Stretch Your Legs

I love getting back into nature walks after winter is over. Everything is so vibrant and green and getting some exercise out in the fresh air and sunshine feels so good for my body and mind. I’m lucky enough to have a state paved trail right behind my house, so it’s easy to hop out for a walk anytime. Even if it’s just out around your neighborhood or at a county park, get outside and enjoy the spring weather! Even if it’s a bit chilly still, just make sure to grab your jacket.

5. Bring Home Some Fresh Flowers

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If you don’t have your own flowers growing in your yard, take advantage of the bountiful growing blooms by bringing home a bouquet from your local farmer’s market or grocery store! I love the way a vase of fresh flowers looks on the kitchen island. The pop of color adds a little life to any room, plus fresh flowers always make me feel happy! Some of my personal favorite spring blooms are lilacs, hydrangeas, peonies and of course tulips!

Happy Monday everyone!

Miranda ♥

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