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Broadway in Madison

March 27, 2017

On Saturday afternoon, my 2 girlfriends and I drove an hour out to Madison to catch ‘Cabaret’ on Broadway. The play was held at the Overture Center for the Arts which is a truly unique building. We were saying how beautiful of a venue it would be for a wedding! Tall open ceilings, modern architecture and huge windows that let in tons of natural light.

The Overture Center is actually right down the road from the state capital building, which even on a gloomy day, was pretty impressive to see.

Cabaret was based off of the 1972 film that takes place in 1930s Berlin and starred Liza Minnelli. The story follows a nightclub performer named Sally as she romances two men while the Nazi party rises to power. I’ve never seen the movie, but wished I had before going to see the show since I ended up being a little confused. Nonetheless, the show was really entertaining and pretty racy, though I was expecting it. I’ve been to plays, but never a bigger Broadway one and never one in Madison. It was a great experience and got me hooked on seeing more!

We were planning to walk around and do some shopping and sightseeing in Madison after the show, and maybe even grab some dinner. Unfortunately, the weather did not have the same plan. The whole day was pretty much gray skies, cold wind and rain. Normally, I love rainy days if you can just hang at home with a movie and blanket, but it’s kind of a mood killer when you want to do anything outside!

I managed to get a small handful of pictures and tried to get more, honest. However, we got scolded by one of the ushers for snapping photos. Oops! So, I got what I could 🙂

Outfit details:

Top (Target) – similar herehere, here, here & here

Necklace (Charming Charlie) – similar here, here, here, here & here

Lip – Read My Lips lipgloss in the color Bam!

Mascara – Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara

We actually just ordered tickets today to go see ‘Chicago’ in Milwaukee next month, which I think will be really good. Broadway plays make for an excellent day date or night out with some girlfriends! Plus, we’re hoping the weather will be better by then so that we can wander around and enjoy some bits of the city before heading home.

Did you guys have a good weekend? Happy Monday, hope your week goes fast!!

    1. Good to know, I’ll have to check that out if I visit Dallas someday! Definitely, I’m very excited. I’ll be sure to share how it goes! Thanks so much for reading!

      xo, Miranda

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