10 Thoughts I Have During Every Shopping Trip

April 11, 2017

As a girl, it’s just natural that shopping is a great way to spend a day. Well most of the time anyway. However, I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I can find it frustrating and stressful and just plain annoying. Yesterday, my niece and I spent nearly 7 hours straight (other than a short lunch break) driving around and visiting a handful of different stores before even heading over to the mall. She was trying to find a gift for her boyfriend, and I was just along to spend the day with her.

Since I’m currently not bringing in a consistent paycheck, I’m limited to pretty much just window shopping. I don’t mind it for a bit, but it can definitely get old after awhile. Because well, I want to actually buy things. I did end up getting 2 pumpkin pie candles that were clearanced and a free travel size body wash from Bath & Body Works, but otherwise managed to resist temptation. ¬†Anyway, here are 10 thoughts that I have on any extended shopping trip –

1.”Oooh this top/dress/skirt is so cute! Ok well that figures, they have every other size on the planet in stock except mine.”

2. “Why am I so tired? All we’ve been doing is walking around the mall all afternoon. All. Afternoon.”

3. “Awesome! 10,000 steps already, I love the mall! Definitely knocking off that pound I’ve been working at. Oh look, Cinnabon!!”

4. “Why is this so expensive?!? It’s worth like half that much!”

5. “I really wish I had more money.”

6. “Oh nice, there’s Starbucks! Umm no thanks, there’s like 50 people in line. Maybe later.”

7. “I wish this clerk/associate would stop following me around and telling me the specials/their favorites/asking me if I need help. Hmm, I wonder if they still have this in stock in the back? Ok wait, where the hell did all the workers go?”


9. “No Miranda put it back, you have enough of that. You don’t need it. But, I want it!!”

10. “This is so cute! Tries it on – holy crap this looks terrible. What happened?! Oh wait, I put it on. Got it.”

Yes, I complain a lot if you couldn’t already tell! I’m telling you, these thoughts rotate through my head on every single trip to the store. Especially the mall. Please tell me I’m not alone!

I’m taking Maddie (my niece) to see Beauty & the Beast today since she has yet to see it and that means round 2 for me! I absolutely loved it the first time, and am pretty excited to see it again. Plus, as a bonus, movies are half price today. Score. But let’s be real, I’m sure we’ll head over to Panera after and blow like $50 on a single meal. Because Panera. Maddie is on spring break this week and we have plans to hang out a lot and do a lot of fun stuff. We’re hoping to do a day in Madison & another day in Milwaukee, and maybe drive up to Door County for a day. We’ll see if we end up getting to it all.

Have a great week everyone!

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