Watermelon Mania – 14 Adorable Must-Haves Under $50!

April 14, 2017

If there is one print I am obsessed with, it’s watermelon. Actually, I have been a watermelon nut ever since I was little. I absolutely love anything watermelon flavored, watermelon scented, watermelon colored, you name it. In fact, last week while I was shopping at Marshall’s with my niece, I stumbled upon a large microfleece throw covered in slices of that beautiful little melon. I ripped that thing off the shelf so fast and even after trying to convince myself that I didn’t need another blanket, I couldn’t talk myself out of it! I also just think the color is so beautiful and the perfect shade for summer. It is the perfect mix of pink, red and coral and is my favorite shade of pink out there! Well, besides blush 😉

So today I’m sharing 14 absolutely perfect & adorable must-haves for any watermelon fan!

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven // twelve // thirteen // fourteen

One of my absolute favorites is the umbrella. Seriously how cute would that be to play around in the rain with?! Now I just need a rain jacket and some rain boots to go with it!

True to form, it wouldn’t be a post by Miranda if I weren’t sharing some sort of candle. Both the Basil Watermelon mason jar candle and Watermelon Sangria jar candle smell so good! Bright and super fruity which is right up my alley. If they’re anything like my watermelon lemonade candle from Bath & Body Works, then I’m sure they smell delicious while burning too.

I tend to like accessories with the melon print more so than on clothes, but the white sundress and yellow top were too cute not to include! With their lightweight and breezy material, either would make the perfect summer day outfit.

When I saw the beach ball and island float, I was all of a sudden really bummed that we don’t have a pool. Well, other than the baby pool for my niece. Though I suppose I could make that work if I really had to! At least living in Wisconsin means that I’m always close to a lake so there are always opportunities for a beach day.

I can’t believe we’re at another weekend, and that we’re already to Easter weekend! What do you all have planned for the holiday weekend? Today we finally got around to dyeing some eggs and Sunday we’re heading over to my grandpa’s for Easter dinner. All in all, a pretty simple and laid back weekend. Although this morning I woke up with a bit of a sore throat through so I’m crossing my fingers that it doesn’t turn into a full fledged cold! Here’s to hoping.

What was your favorite watermelon piece?? Let me know in the comments below!


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