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Farmer’s Market On The Square

May 18, 2017

On Saturday, I joined my brother and sister-in-law on a trip to the farmer’s market in Woodstock. I haven’t been to many farmer’s markets before, but I love walking around in the sunshine and checking out different booths. Especially when you see all the different businesses out there and get a chance to appreciate all the hard work they put in to get their products ready to sell.

The farmer’s market took place in Woodstock’s main square, and every chance I get to visit this place I feel like I’m stepping into a different country. The beautiful cobblestone street, numerous restaurants and shops, and adorable little park in the middle make the square a wonderful destination for a few hours. The park has open green areas, numerous shade trees, and a gazebo used for community concerts in the summer. I’d love to pack a picnic and come hang out in the park for lunch next time!

Since it’s a bit early in the season, there weren’t any fruits or veggies to purchase, but there were plenty of plants ready to be brought home. My brother and sister-in-law bought some raspberry plants and a rhubarb plant for their own little garden. There were also a few stands selling smoothies and some food options which is perfect if you end up needing a snack or a little refreshment. My brother opted for a smoothie, while my sister-in-law and I opted for the Starbucks across the street. Because, pink drink. And it was delicious, especially in the mid eighty degree afternoon. After checking out the rest of the farmer’s market, we headed over to a little diner for a delicious brunch and ended our visit to the Woodstock Square with a trip to the bakery for a few slices of the most amazing and decadent vanilla cake.

I can’t wait to go back further into the summer to check out the produce and hopefully some fresh cut flowers! Visiting this market really makes me want to visit the farmer’s market in my hometown even more. My mom and I drove past it a few weeks ago and it looked really busy so hopefully that means it’s a good one! Strolling through the booths makes for a great way to spend a few hours and just fills you up with happiness. Definitely makes it feel like summer.

What’s something you can’t pass up at a farmer’s market?

Hope you’re all having a great week!


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