7 Fun & Colorful Pom Pom Pieces

June 17, 2017

yellow romper // off the shoulder top // pom pom tank // beaded clutch // coverup poncho // straw tote // floppy straw hat

It’s a pom pom party! Pom poms and tassels are my latest favorite trend, especially with summer rolling in. I love rainbow pom poms on white dresses, swim coverups and tops because it just looks so darn festive. And did I mention cute? Because they’re super cute. Tassels and pom poms add such a fun and stylish pop to even the simplest outfits and I don’t know why, but they scream summertime! Absolutely perfect for wearing for a day at the beach or pool or hanging out at a family barbecue.

Dressing for summer is truly the best. We get to play with bright colors and patterns and dress up simple outfits with fun accessories. There’s beach days to plan for, as well as baseball games, family picnics and just days out exploring and enjoying the sunshine. When the temperatures warm up, you need outfits that are breezy and comfortable, as well as cute. That’s why whenever I see a new piece with tassels, I immediately fall in love. It’s a simple touch that really goes a long way for an outfit piece.

It’s still nice and toasty here in Wisconsin, but it’s supposed to cool back down to normal this week, so I’m looking forward to venturing outside a bit more. I’m hoping to take my niece to a beach in the area as well, since it’ll be more comfortable to be outside though still warm enough to swim. Luckily, even though we aren’t anywhere close to an ocean, Wisconsin is littered with lakes. In fact, southeastern Wisconsin (where I live) is called lake country because we’re close to numerous lakes. All of which offer some nice family beaches for swimming and enjoying the water.

Also, on another side note – have you guys tried any of those new drinks at Starbucks?! The ones Lady Gaga helped create in her partnership with Starbucks to raise money for charity? Obviously the pink drink doesn’t really count because that debuted last year, but the other three look delicious. I mean, that ombre pink drink? Come on! Holy gorgeous!! I’m really looking forward to trying these all at some point soon. If you’ve tried any or all of them, let me know what you thought!

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend!


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