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Ties & Tutus Gender Reveal Party

June 26, 2017

This past weekend, my sister-in-law and her husband hosted a gender reveal party. She’s currently about 16 weeks pregnant with their second child, and on Friday night we were finally able to find out whether she was having a “he” or a “she”!! They already have Avelina, my almost 5 year old niece, so I think everyone was secretly hoping for a boy this time around. Although, as always, as long as the baby is healthy it didn’t really matter what the gender was.

The theme for the gender reveal was Ties & Tutus, and of course just blue and pink in general. The decorations were simple, but very cute and the desserts drew the most attention. Everyone got to wear a beaded necklace in the color of their guess. It was actually about half and half. I chose pink for those of you wondering. I wanted it to be a boy, but had a feeling it would be a girl! We also got to put a paint fingerprint based on our guess on a tree canvas that will hang in the baby’s room someday.

Anyway, after a spaghetti dinner we all filtered outside to the backyard for the big reveal. I actually was the one that gave my sister-in-law the idea to do the big black balloon with confetti inside since she couldn’t decide which way she wanted to reveal what the baby was going to be! My heart was racing as we waited, and then all of a sudden the balloon popped and the air was filled with…



It’s a BOY!!!!!!!!!

So my guess was wrong, which is pretty typical haha! But I was so excited, and so happy for my brother and sister-in-law. This is their last baby, so it’s just really great that they’ll have a girl and a boy. One of each! After the excitement died down a bit, we went back inside to cut the cake, which had filling to match the gender. Everyone kept joking how the inside better be blue. I guess it would’ve been pretty confusing if the inside of the cake was pink.

Woohoo! It matched! Now it’s confirmed, it’s gonna be little ties all the way.

Honestly, I’m still shocked. I never actually guessed that it would be a boy. And even though it’s much more fun to shop for little girls, I can’t wait to get started on spoiling this little peanut.

Happy Monday everyone, hope you had a great weekend!

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