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My Top 5 Halloween Movie Picks

October 30, 2017

I have always loved Halloween. As of fan of candy, cold weather and scary movies, Halloween is one of my absolute favorite holidays!

Every year when October rolls around, my memories take me back to being a little kid, getting my glittery pink princess dress costume on (my favorite costume that I insisted on wearing every year) and heading out with my mom, brother and sister to trick or treat throughout the neighborhood. Feeling more and more excited as the night went on and my jack-o-lantern pail got heavier and heavier as it filled with candy, wondering if I would be brave enough that year to go up to the “scary” house to pick a piece of candy out of the bowl, and watching Halloween movies late into the night as we all poured out our pails on the living room floor to sort and trade our candy.

I’m all about tradition and living in the blissful nostalgia of my favorite memories. And since movies are one of the best ways to bring back some of the greatest memories, I thought I’d share 5 of my absolute favorite Halloween movies a.k.a movies that get watched AT LEAST once every October!

  1. Halloween – No Halloween season is complete without watching the hack and slash Halloween marathon on TV over and over. My pick though is for the first and most famed original with the young Jamie Lee Curtis. That music still sends chills down my spine and that mask…come on! It’s all the terror and thrill that makes Halloween so exciting.

2. Halloweentown – this cute and family friendly movie is still one of my Halloween favorites. Marnie, a tween girl along with her younger brother and sister sneak away from home on Halloween night to join their grandma in the magical world of Halloweentown, the town where it’s Halloween 24/7. As she finds out that she, her mother and her grandmother are all witches, the siblings go on a journey to save their grandma and Halloweentown from the evil mayor, Kalabar. It’s cheesy and feel good and the perfect Halloween movie to have playing on repeat!

3. Double, Double, Toil and Trouble – Yes the Mary-Kate and Ashley movie! I watched this movie more than any other Halloween movie when I was little. Partly because I was obsessed with the Olsen twins, but also because it’s just an adorable and fun movie. Another family friendly Halloween classic.

4. Hocus Pocus – This needs no explanation! Is it overrated? Yes. Is it still a great Halloween movie? Yes!!

5. IT (the original) – Ok, this is technically cheating because it’s not really a Halloween movie, but it is easily one of my favorite scary movies of all time! This Stephen King classic is terrifying and the perfect scary movie to get you in the Halloween spirit because a lot of the scariness comes from what is implied and not even what is shown on the screen. Not to mention it’s what single-handedly caused my fear of clowns! 😉

What’s your favorite Halloween movie? Did I miss any good ones?

Have a safe and happy Halloween “witches”!!

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