Gift Guide & Wishlist: For the Beauty Lover

December 14, 2017

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Get excited, because I’m back with another gift guide! This time for all you beauty lovers out there. I am a sucker for beauty products, really all things pretty and girly. When I was little, I maintained a pretty respectable collection of lip smackers. I used to bring them with me to school and show them off to my friends at lunch. I felt like such a baller back then haha! The holidays are such a fun time for snatching up a few new products or tried and true favorites because there are always good deals and sales to take advantage of and tons of fun and creative gift sets that allow you to try lots of smaller beauty goodies without breaking the bank.

Like I said, today’s gift guide is for the beauty lovers! We all have a few of those ladies in our lives that want to get their hands on the latest and best beauty products, which is great because you most likely, are the same way. Which also means that you can gift out lots of your own favorites. When I find things I love and swear by, I like to share them! Especially with all of the thousands upon thousands of options out there, finding quality products can be a little tricky. That’s what I LOVE about getting recommendations from other bloggers. I value their opinion and really truly love checking out their picks. That’s also what’s so great about gift guides. Getting to share what I love while at the same time adding to my own personal wishlist. So much fun!

A lot of the goodies I’m bringing you in today’s beauty gift guide are the same items on my own wishlist. For example, this rose clay face mask is something I just discovered thanks to one of my favorite bloggers, Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam. I love the Origins brand, having tried their charcoal mask a few times. This mask sounds divine, with its rose scent and light pink color. I tend to have pretty sensitive skin, especially on my face and this brand seems to give me no issues. I’ve also been wanting to try out this curling wand for quite some time, as it seems to be a favorite among numerous beauty and fashion bloggers. It’s a little on the pricey side so it’s definitely a splurge, but the 3 interchangeable barrels offer tons of versatility in one tool.

Hope you enjoyed this beauty gift guide and found it helpful in your gift giving adventures this Christmas! Let me know which one you’d be most excited to try in the comments!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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