Activewear To Buy For The New Year

January 10, 2018

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Since we’re at the beginning of a new year, I thought it’d be fitting to chat about something that I’m guessing is at the top of your resolutions list (because it’s definitely at the top of mine). Whether you want to just start eating better, getting more active, or both – most of us want to make a more conscious effort to be a healthier person. If that’s you, high five! Me too!

When it comes to getting your butt back into the gym (or just back into working out if gyms aren’t your thing), what you wear can make a huge impact on your workout. Correct me if I’m wrong, but feeling comfortable in your activewear is a biggie! You’re not going to have a good workout if your clothes are too tight, loose, scratchy, slippery etc. You’re already going to be uncomfortable by working out that body, getting all sweaty and out of breath, so you’ll want your clothes to work with your body in the best way possible. It’s important to find activewear that YOU feel most comfortable in and will work best for your workout regimen. For example, if you sweat a lot you’re more likely to need moisture-wicking pieces to keep you dry or stretchy, smooth material if you do a lot of yoga. It really comes down to stocking up on activewear pieces that best fit your lifestyle.

And not only are you going to want activewear that feels physically good on your body and performs well, you also want to look good and feel confident! Now I’m not saying you need to curl your hair and put on a full face of makeup, because…no. You’re working out and no one cares how “cute” you look, other than the gym creepers. However, you do want to feel good about yourself! I know I’m not alone in that I feel more motivated and able to put more oomph into my workout when I feel more confident about myself. Feeling good about my workout outfit can have a lot of impact on that confidence. It really goes with that old saying, “look good, feel good.”

I’ve rounded up a bunch of my favorite super cute workout pieces to add to your closet! Nordstrom has been absolutely killing it with stylish activewear lately and I have been especially loving the crazy awesome selection of leggings and athletic shoes. If I could just have all of it, that’d be pretty great. 😉

Best of luck with achieving all of your health goals this year!!

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