I Quit My Job

By on September 1, 2016

Today is the first day of September, and you all know what that means…first unofficial day of fall!!!! Oh man I could not be more excited to flip the calendar page, and today is the coolest it’s been in southeastern Wisconsin for quite some time. 66 and cloudy and most importantly, no humidity. So it’s […]

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party planning

Gathering Shower Supplies

By on August 28, 2016

Yesterday it was down into the sixties and even though it was still pretty humid, the dark clouds and cooler weather made me realize how ready I am for it to be fall. Pumpkin flavored everything, chilly weather, sweatshirts, apple picking, scarves. I mean come on! Apparently, the next two weeks are still supposed to […]

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Disney Day 2 | Animal Kingdom

By on

Animal Kingdom was our first time in a Disney World park, and while I had originally hoped to start off the trip with the iconic Magic Kingdom, this park did not disappoint. I absolutely loved Animal Kingdom! The whole park is beautifully themed with an incredible attention to detail. We got to the park before […]

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Disney Day 1 | ‘Ohana & Downtown Disney

By on August 27, 2016

I’ve been wanting to do this travel series for awhile now. It’s been a few months since I’ve gone, but I’m so excited to share all about my trip to Disney World! Back at the end of March I took roadtripped¬†down to Orlando for my first ever time visiting Disney World¬†with my niece, my brother, […]

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